Summerset Marine, D.L. Anderson, & Lifetime Piers Website

Summerset Marine Construction has been in business since 1990, specializing in lifts, piers, and service. Summerset Marine offers Lifetime Piers, including Minimalist, Classic, and the All Seasons pier, that stay in the water year-round.

Summerset Marine Construction and D.L. Anderson Company know that living on the water opens up a great deal of experiences to enjoy. Having a pier is essential to get the most enjoyment from your waterfront property, but not everyone’s needs are the same. While some property owners prefer to soak up the sun and get in a little fishing, others participate in sailing or other water sports requiring vastly different piers. A pier and lift designed to fit every individual’s needs is what Summerset Marine Construction and D.L. Anderson Company can do for you with our product offerings.

Our Lifetime Piers decking is as unique as it is strong. We source our fabrication materials from a Midwest company that repurposes post-consumer plastics to create nearly fade-proof and weather-withstanding decking. Designed to look like wood, our piers come with all the beauty and none of the hassle of a traditional wood pier.