Gary Jobson, the author of A Century of Racing E Scows, will be joining us at the 2023 Nationals. Attend the Saturday night banquet at the Edgewater from 6:30 – 8:30 to purchase a signed copy of his book.

Via the National E Scow Association:
Over the last eighteen months, the NCESA membership has shown its support for the class by donating over $205,000 to our newly formed E-100 fund. With your support, the E Scow will continue as the most relevant and best one design class in the country.

Gary Jobson has written an incredible book celebrating the class, and recently created a short video for us to understand the scope of this effort.

We need to sell out the first run of these books. Every dollar from every book sold goes directly to the E-100 fund. Books are available at our online store (link below), or if you are part of the 120+ boats going to the Nationals in Madison, Gary will be there signing books you can buy.

(You can also avoid the shipping fees for an individual book purchase buying in Madison.) We hope you add one of these to your collection before it’s too late!
Link to purchase book.